20 Minutes Total Body KICKBOXING! (Fat Burning Workout)

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Please READ this box more info. This 20 Minutes Total Body Kickboxing workout will focus on your cardio, strength endurance and core.

To increase the intensity, grab a pair of really light dumbbells, 1kg / Быстрое обучение игре на гитаре each or any weighted home items. For beginners, you can do the workout without any dumbbells. I promise you it'll be fun and you'll be sweaty! So get ready to throw me some punches and kicks!

9 Exercises - 50 secs exercise, 10 secs rest interval (2 Rounds)
1) Squat & Punch
2) Bob & Weave Circle
3) Jab, Punch, Duck & Switch
4) Cross Punch Roll-Up
5) Punches & Hooks
6) Back Kick Plank
7) Front Knee Strike
8) Uppercut & Elbow Strike
9) Side Crunch Plank
**Repeat twice
**I burned 165Cals in 20 minutes. This is based on my height at 159cm and weight at Быстрое обучение игре на гитаре. The heavier you are, the more calories you will burn and vice versa.

At the end of the workout, if you are sweating like me, don't forget to LIKE & SHARE this video with your friends. All the best! x

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